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Router Table

… three features were essential. First, I wanted an insert plate to hold the router. This way the router can be lifted out of the top to change bits, or removed… fence has a T-slot for attaching various accessories, and sliding faces allow for different sized router bits. A A channel can be routed to accept your miter gauge. This is particularly…

From: ShopNotes No. 1 (January 1992)
Page 16
Elu Plunge Router

router is loaded with special features. If you were to pay almost $300 for a router, you'd expect something special. With the Elu variable speed, electronic plunge router, you get it. Plunge routers…bit safely above the workpiece until you turn the router off. That's the beauty of using the Elu plunge router — you feel in control. MOTOR One of …

From: ShopNotes No. 1 (January 1992)
Page 10
Router Trammel

…WING NUT TOP PIECE DETAIL CUT TO FIT TOP YOUR - PIECE ROUTER ■JV.lLl .'^©"DIA. HOLE ■M •*/(*- slot £-■■„- BOTTOM PIECE DETAIL BOTTOM -----©LUE TOP…to mount the trammel base to your router. To do this, use the base on your router to 4 i\' ^ FIRST:…

From: ShopNotes No. 3 (May 1992)
Page 8
Router Jointer

…, the workpiece is stationary and the cutter (a router bit) moves across the edge. There are two basic parts to tliis router jointer: a platform, ami a sliding carriage. THE PLATFORH I … W-deep, and rout the groove, see Fig. 8. Using the Router Jointer There are two steps to using the router jointer after you've clamped it to your bench. First…

From: ShopNotes No. 8 (March 1993)
Page 4
Router Tune-Up

… just taken the time to tune up my router. THE COLLET The majority of router problems you'll encounter have to do … that can cause the router to "drag" as it slides over a workpiecc. To keep the router sliding smoothly, I sand the …there are two other parts of i your router that may need some attention. If your router has seen a lot of service, …

From: ShopNotes No. 9 (May 1993)
Page 10
Router Bit Storage Cabinet

… It features a unique bit holding system and a handy pull-out drawer. With the price of router bits these days, it just makes sense to invest the time to protect them. This… I found at a local hardware store. Since the nylon doesn't swell up like wood does, your router bits will always slip in and out easily. TWO SIZES. Although the layout for the…

From: ShopNotes No. 13 (January 1994)
Page 4
Router Table Tips

… serves as a simple handle. Fence Micro-Adjuster LOCK NUT ADJUSTMENT BLOCK ROUTER TABLE FENCE HEX NUT ROUTER TABLE FENCE LOCK NUT WASHER THREADED INSERT THREADED ROD WASHER…THICK MASONITE FLUSH TRIM BIT WORKPIECE Spring-Loaded Hold-Down I often use the router table for cutting joints (such as rabbets and dadoes). One of the …

From: ShopNotes No. 20 (March 1995)
Page 14
Plunge Routers

… you select the one that’s best for you. I How We Selected the Routers Each router we tested has: • Variable Speed Control • a 1/2" Collet • a 3-31/2 HP Motor • costs between $210… either the motor housing or power cord. So they’re a bit Router Accessories Plunge Router Tool Price Edge Guide Adjustment Knob { A height adjustment knob, an insert …

From: ShopNotes No. 30 (November 1996)
Page 10
Router Tenoning Jig

… But this time, I routed the slot using two different size straight bits in the router table. Safety Note: To 3 avoid working with a small piece, I routed the slot in …Tenoning Jig is a sliding fence system that guides the router as you make a cut. PLATFORM. To support the base of the router, it rides on a hardboard platform (I), see Fig. 4. This…

From: ShopNotes No. 40 (July 1998)
Page 6
Router Table Extension

… metal wing on the saw. ROUTER TABLE. To take advantage of the large worksurface, the extension table doubles as a router table. The router is mounted to an insert plate …to the electrical hook-up for the router table, there are a couple of options. ROUTER SWITCH. The simplest approach is to plug the router into the nearest electrical outlet. Then …

From: ShopNotes No. 50 (March 2000)
Page 8
Top Five Router Jigs

router. The router rides on a platform with guide strips screwed to the top. (See drawing below.) As the router slides back and forth, the strips keep the router… THIRD: ROUT MORTISE IN MULTIPLE PASSES b. ROUTER BASE STARTING POSITION MORTISE A B B WORKPIECE ROUTER PLATFORM A TOP VIEW ROUTER BASE ENDING POSITION MORTISE TO …

From: ShopNotes No. 56 (March 2001)
Page 8
Pin Router


From: ShopNotes No. 57 (May 2001)
Page 18
5-in-1 Router Base Plate System

… this. You’ll need to pay attention to the orientation of the router. The router should be mounted to the base plate so that the handles are parallel …see what you’re doing a little better. But when you’re using the router in the router table, it’s safer to have a & A C C E S S O R I E S 2 (1!/2" x 24") #/8"-DIA. HOLE NOTE: ALL FENCE LAYERS …

From: ShopNotes No. 61 (January 2002)
Page 6
Router Storage System

… The carousel provides plenty of storage for router bits. But it won’t hold your other router accessories — things like wrenches, bushings, collets, and router base plates. For these items, the …I cut a slot in the bottom. This slot allows you to leave a router bit chucked up in the router when you store it in the compartment. To make the slot, …

From: ShopNotes No. 63 (May 2002)
Page 24
Plunge Router Mortising Jig

…Materials A B C D E F G H I Bottom (1) Top (1) Sides (2) Router Plate (1) Router Plate Guide Strip (1) Stops (2) Fixed Plate (1) Sliding Plate (1)…FIGURE 16" 17" CENTER OPENING ON WIDTH OF ROUTER PLATE SIZE RECESS TO FIT ROUTER BASE (#/4" PLYWOOD) D ROUTER PLATE 5" 1" a. C L PLUNGE ROUTER !/8" x 1" GROOVE FOR GUIDE STRIP b. 4!/4" 1!/4" DIA.…

From: ShopNotes No. 64 (July 2002)
Page 14
6-Step Router Plate Installation

…6, you’ll see how to do this by using the existing base of your router. Router Plate Step 1 To locate the guide strips, use the insert plate as a template. …MACHINE SCREWS Fh MACHINE SCREW ROUTER BASE TOP OF MOUNTING PLATE CARPET TAPE NOTE: USE ROUTER BASE TO LOCATE MOUNTING HOLES, SEE DETAIL NOTE: CENTER ROUTER BASE ON MOUNTING PLATE No…

From: ShopNotes No. 66 (November 2002)
Page 30
10 "Must Have" Router Bits

…a bearing on the end so they can be used in a hand-held router. But by mounting them in a router table and using the fence as a bearing surface, you can round over … for routing slots for splines or panels. With a little ingenuity, you can even use a router and slot-cutting bit as a substitute for a biscuit joiner. Slot-cutting bits are available …

From: ShopNotes No. 67 (January 2003)
Page 12
Router Table Fence & Accessories

…I G S & A C C E S S O R I E S Sliding Faces ———————————————————————————————— 5 OVERVIEW b. a. The key to this router table fence is the pair …C C E S S O R I E S 3. Featherboard ——————————————————————————————— 1 a. A featherboard is an important accessory for holding a workpiece firmly against the router table (see photo above). Plus, it …

From: ShopNotes No. 69 (May 2003)
Page 16
Trim Routers

router shares features similar to a full-size router. But unlike a typical router that weighs in at 8 lbs. or so, a trim router tops out at about half that. And since a trim router… Height adjustment thumbscrew Base Collet Collet nut Router bit { Bit Changes. Like some full-size routers, trim routers that use a single wrench with a spindle lock …

From: ShopNotes No. 70 (July 2003)
Page 26
Stow-Away Router Table

… allows you to install (or remove) the router in seconds. Unlike most router tables, you won’t be wasting a lot of time getting your router in place or removing it once you’… place. Making a Recess for the Router The toggle clamps do a great job of holding the router against the table. But they won’t keep the router from moving from side to side. A…

From: ShopNotes No. 71 (September 2003)
Page 6